On-site art classes, art-based job training, and 21st century career building skills

DAVA art education programs foster proficiency in areas critical to achieving success in the 21st century. These include learning and innovation skills as well as life and career skills. Since 1993, DAVA has offered a continuum of programming that starts with developing creativity and school readiness at age 3 and culminates in a Job Training in the Arts program for middle school youth and high school Junior Staff. Our national award-winning programs are based on the belief that the arts can affect change in society and personal achievement while positively impacting youth development.

DAVA is proud to be part of a national movement known as creative youth development, offering out-of-school programming based on the core principles of artistic excellence, sustained programming, and a focus on social justice. DAVA and hundreds of other community arts programs provide direct evidence that kids are learning and growing through the arts, developing their creative solutions for living in the 2lst Century.

DAVA is located at 1405 Florence St. Aurora CO 80010 303-367-5886


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Job Training students painting a mural Capturing Community photography project Rosane Volchan O’Conor creates an installation Kimm and Layla work together in Family Arts