Board Members



Krysta Gerstner, Chair

Vice President, FirstBank

"Art isn’t just about creating something—it’s also about developing confidence and a voice that someone may not be able to find otherwise. DAVA provides a space and direction to develop youth through the arts, cultivating skills that translate into other parts of their lives."

Daniel C. Brown, Vice Chair

Program Director, Xcel Energy

“When I walk in the doors of DAVA and see the care and engagement of the students in the work they are learning, I am proud to be a part of this effort.  DAVA fills an important gap in our education system that allows our students to broaden their knowledge and express their current feelings, their culture, and their interest in a very positive manner.”

Ellen Dailey, Treasurer

Consultant, Blue Bird Management Consulting

“Through DAVA arts, technologies, and job training programs, young people have a safe place to explore and build their confidence, self-expression, creativity, collaboration, and goal-setting skills.  They will take these experiences into their bright futures!  I’m honored to be an advocate for DAVA!”

Heather Hackett, Secretary

Attorney, LEVY-Wheeler-Waters, P.C.

“I’m proud to be part of the DAVA board so that I can help DAVA continue to provide art and education to local youth.  Art and education are vitally important to the community as a whole, and it is my privilege to assist in the endeavor of providing that in Aurora.”

Christine Viera,  

Principal, Christine Viera & Associates

“We thrive as a community when we invest in our children. With DAVA, young people have a supportive place to explore their world, their potential and their creativity through arts and technology. DAVA does wonders to instill confidence, encourage self-expression and teach life and leadership skills through art. I’m proud to support these amazing young people and DAVA in this inspiring work."

Brian H. Price 

Retired Management Consultant

“In creating art at DAVA, young people also build a unique identity, self-discipline, orderly thinking, and a sense of belonging in our community.  DAVA respects the special potential within each young artist, and this visible respect calls forth the very best from everyone.”

Kate O'Donnell 

Lead Instructor of Art, Community College of Aurora, working artist

"As an educator my best moments in the classroom are the “aha!” moments.  The most fulfilling telling part on any student’s life: aha!  Oh wow this is who I am, or what I could be.  I’ve seen a lot of these moments come alive at DAVA.  This is why I’m so enchanted by what DAVA does for so many students and why I am so happy to be a part of all that DAVA represents."

Cruz Torres

DAVA Alumni Representative



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Holiday show project Aree adding watercolor to her printmaking project Print by Edith Job Training student Ramon creates a model